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Selection Of Two-Way Radios

Motorola GP640 Professional Handportable Radio

Motorola GP640 Professional Handportable RadioSKU: GP640

Two-Way Radio Solutions for Professionals who need to stay in contact

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Entel HT715 VHF Mid-Band (66-88MHz) Handportable Transceiver

Entel HT715 VHF Mid-Band (66-88MHz) Handportable TransceiverSKU: HT715

Advanced Signalling Security Radio

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Motorola DP1400 Analogue Handportable Radio

Motorola DP1400 Analogue Handportable RadioSKU: DP1400 ANALOGUE

Motorola DP1400 Analogue

Price: £180.00

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Selection Of Accessories

Motorola Antenna VHF 146-174MHz

Motorola Antenna VHF 146-174MHzSKU: NAD6502

VHF Helical Aerial

Price: £7.35

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Motorola High Noise Surveillance Kit

Motorola High Noise Surveillance KitSKU: RLN5887

for DP3400 DP3401 DP3600 DP3601

Price: £10.21

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Motorola Sew on Dock

Motorola Sew on DockSKU: GMDN0386

All Klick Fast solutions require stud 5566501A01

Price: £1.90

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Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone

Motorola Remote Speaker MicrophoneSKU: PMMN4039

for use with GP320 GP340 GP360 GP380 radio

Price: £35.72

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