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Entel Bone Conductive Skull Microphone with In-Line PTT

SKU: CXR5/950

A high quality rugged bone conductive skull cap.

A high quality rugged bone conductive skull cap. The fully adjustable CXR5 fits on your head similar to a cap. The metal frame supports the bone conductor microphone which fits on adjustable straps and sits on the top of your head. The adjustable twin earpieces clip into position each side. The robust cable exits the skull cap from the rear and attaches via a quality in-line connector to a large rugged waterproof press to talk switch that can clip on to a belt or other suitable position using the rugged revolving clip. The press to talk switch is easy to use, has a positive feel and can be used by a gloved hand or under clothing. As with all bone conductive accessories, we do not recommend using voice operated transmit (VOX).

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