Motorola Li-Ion 1480 mAh GP ATEX Battery


This battery is for use with both Black and Blue GP ATEX radios.

  • Dimensions HxWxD(mm): 124x60x24.6
  • Weight(g): 230g

  • Chemistry: LiIon

  • Operational Time(Hrs): 12 (max)

  • Capacity[mAH]: 1480mAh (min)

  • Intelligent: N

  • No. of Charge cycle: 400

  • Energy Density (mAH/cm3): 7.76

  • Operating Tem Range (°c): -10 to +50

  • Memory Effect: Low

  • Requires Maintenance: N

  • IP Rating: IP64

  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: ATEX

Li-Ion 1480 mAh GP ATEX Battery

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