Amateur Radio Digital Voice DMR / MotoTRBO

Hytera PD785 Handportable Radio

SKU: PD785

Hytera PD785 Handportable Radio


  • Up To 1024 Channels
  • Channel Spacing: 12.5 / 20 / 25KHz
  • Channel Scan Supporting Mixed Mode Scanning (Analogue & Digital Channel)
  • Digital Voice Call Function
  • Digital Text Message Function (Preprogrammable Message & Editable Message)
  • Remote Monitor
  • Stun / Revive
  • Call Alert
  • Man Down (PD785G)
  • Lone worker
  • Basic Scrambler & Encryption
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Pseudo Trunk Operation (DMO & RMO)
  • Multi-Site Roaming
  • Supports Option Board Interface
  • Channel Change Voice Notification
  • 5 Tone, HDC1200, 2 Tone Signalling Selectable (In Analogue Mode)
  • One Touch Call / Text Message / Supplemental Services
  • Telemetry
  • Multi Language Menu Display
  • Vibration
  • Remote Monitor
  • MPT1327 & DMR Tier III Compatible
  • Analogue & Digital Emergency
Whats in the Box?
Radio Unit 
2000mAh Li-Ion Battery 
Belt Clip & Leather Strap
MCU Single Unit Charger 
Switching Power Adapter
User Manual
Hytera PDF-785 Handportable

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Hytera PDF-785 HandportableHytera PD785 Handportable Radio

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