Hand Portable

Entel HX416 VHF Mid-Band (66-88MHz) Handportable Transceiver

SKU: HX416

Compact Advanced Signalling Keypad IP55 Splash Resistant Radio

Supplied with 1800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery and Belt Clip and Antenna.

Key Features:

  • IP55 splash resistant

  • Full band coverage

  • 255 channel capacity

  • Full keypad

  • Voice scrambler

  • Shunting mode

  • Channel scanning

  • Adjustable squelch control

  • Intuitive menus with built in user guide

  • Intelligent volume control

  • Battery charge count

  • Full personal attack alarm

  • Advances 5 tone selective calling

  • FFSK signalling

  • Text messaging

  • Scrolling LCD display

  • Man down (option)

  • Automatic location information (option)

  • GPS (option)

  • Bluetooth wireless comms (option)



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