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Kenwood TK-2260EX VHF FM ATEX Handpotable Transceiver

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ATEX Radios for Reliable Communications in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Certifications

Gas : II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4

Dust : II 2 D Ex tD ibD A21 IP6x T110°C

Mining : I M2 Ex ib I

Kenwood’s TK-2260EX/3260EX portables are expressly designed to provide clear communications with intrinsic safety in potentially explosive duty environments such as oil refineries, chemical plants and grain silos. Kenwood radios are valued by professionals worldwide for their simple operation and reliable performance, and these new ATEX/IECEx-certified models boast such features as Lone Worker and Man-down Detection to further enhance employee safety.


Special enclosure and circuitry designs ensure that these portables meet ATEX requirements for intrinsic safety. Antistatic resin is used for the casing, battery and belt hook. Also, effective RF output is 1.2W, maintained within the upper limit set by ATEX directive.


The Voting function (Intelligent Scanning) looks for and locks onto the best repeater station automatically in a multi-site system.


Three different staff safe functions are available that make use of the built-in motion sensor. When activated, a “man-down” alert is generated automatically if the radio (and user) is not upright for a length of time. Similarly alerts can be sent if the radio is stationary

for a preset period or if it is being shaken/swung violently as when someone is running.



This ingenious feature provides an extra layer of security and safety for individuals who work remotely or in hazardous areas. If the buttons are not operated for a certain time (programmable), it will sound an alert. If there is still no response from the user, the TK-2260EX/3260EX will place



Scanning is a simple way to monitor multiple channels and the TK-2260EX/3260EX (16-channel capacity) offers both standard and priority scan modes. Another convenience is Talk Back, which allows immediate response to a call without having to manually search or change channels.



Utilising Kenwood’s FleetSync® digital signalling protocol, the TK-2260EX/3260EX has PTT ID (ANI: automatic number identification) and Selective Calling capabilities for managed dispatch operations. The orange key can also be programmed for Emergency status to alert the dispatcher.


The voice-inversion scrambler ensures basic communications security against casual eavesdropping.



The industry standard tone/code squelching formats QT (CTCSS) and DQT (digital) provide system access and group segregation on shared frequencies. DTMF PTT ID is included for dispatch operations or for a simple remote control application. The DTMF decode capabilities include a selective call ID, transpond with ID, “wild card” group calling and radio stun. 5-Tone encode and decode provides 6 different formats (ZVEI, ZVEI2, CCIR, EIA, EEA, Kenwood format) for selective call use. All selective calling formats

(FleetSync®, DTMF & 5-Tone) have call alert tones and LED indications.



The user enjoys loud, clear, audio even in noisy environments. Kenwood has drawn on its longstanding audio heritage to optimize voice frequency components so that the audio output cuts through typical ambient noise. This enhancement and the companded noise reduction provide clarity and low distortion especially on narrow bandwidth systems.



The ATEX/IECEx-certified KNB-58LEX Li-ion battery offers up to 23 hours of

operation (18 hours with power save off)*. Specially designed for intrinsic safety, it can only be used with the TK-2260EX/3260EX.


* Battery life is based on 5% transmit - 5% receive - 90% standby duty cycles.




Equipped with the KNB-58LEX battery pack and KMC-46EX speaker microphone, these tough portables comply with the IP64 standard for dust and water intrusion as well as meeting or exceeding twelve stringent MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F environmental standards.

Note: If the KMC-46EX is not attached, the connector cover must be used for compliance with rain resistance and IP64 standard.

Other Features

Wide/Wide4k/Narrow per channel ■ Companded Audio per Channel

Programmable Function Keys (3 x PF keys including orange key)

Programmable Call Alerts ■ Talk Around ■ B.C.L. (Busy Channel Lockout)

Minimum Volume ■ Key Lock ■ 3-colour LED (Red, Orange, Green)

Scan Del/Add function ■ KENWOOD ESN (Electronic Serial Number)

Adjustable Microphone Gain by FPU only: High or Normal

Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning

NOTE: Please ensure the TK-2260EX/3260EX ATEX rating is acceptable for intended place of use.


TK-2260EX VHF FM ATEX Handpotable Transceiver

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