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Motorola DP 3400 MOTOTRBO Digital Handportable Radio

SKU: DP3400

The next generation of Motorola professional two-way radio communication solutions


  • VHF (136-174MHz); UHF1 (403-470MHz); UHF2 (470-512MHz)

  • 32 Channels

  • Large, textured push to talk button for ease of use

  • IP57 environmental sealing helps ensure continued operation in tough working conditions

  • 3 programmable buttons to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency

  • Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status

  • Emergency button to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents

  • Quick, easy to use Group, Individual and All-call capability

  • Sophisticated Emergency Calls help ensure employee safety

  • PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline

  • Remote Monitor features help ensure employee safety and enable fast assessment of remote user status

  • Elegant channel scanning schemes help ensure calls are received first time every time

  • New accessory connector with RF port and USB interface for advanced connectivity

  • Privacy options

  • VOX Capabilitiy

  • Lone Worker

  • IP site connect (multiple site support)

  • Capacity plus (single site trunking)


DP 3400 MOTOTRBO Handportable Radio

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