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Motorola GP380 Ex ATEX Professional Portable Radio (Blue)


Radio offers a unique versatility

The essential tool for growing organisations, the GP380 ATEX Radio offers a unique versatility allowing the radio to reflect the changing way that individuals need to communicate when working over a large area.

In addition to the features of the GP340, the GP380 has a full keypad and an alpha-numeric display including battery gauge and caller identity. The simple intuitive menu and contact list makes one-to-one or one-to-many calls easy, putting the power of the GP380 at the user’s fingertips. And for occasions when voice communication is inappropriate, pre-defined text messages can be sent between users.


The radio software encompasses Private Line™ and 5-tone selective signalling.

Channel Scan
Allows activity on different communications channels to be monitored and answered.

X-Pand™ Voice Compression and Low Level Expansion
Crisp, clear and strong audio quality in virtually any noisy environment. Low level expansion allows further improvements in audio quality by reducing noise usually heard during pauses in conversation.

Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
Hands free operation when used with VOX headset accessory.

Emergency Signalling
Sends a help signal to a pre-defined person or group of people. The help signal can contain a pre-recorded voice message enabling your whereabouts or status to be determined immediately by the receiving person.

Lone Worker
Added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team. The radio enters emergency mode if the user does not respond to the warning signal.

Option Board Expandability
You can expand the existing capabilities by adding one of the following option boards; Encryption for message security, and SmarTrunk II for low cost trunking. Voice Storage option board provides voice recorder features allowing you to store and retrieve messages.

Allows a user to speak quietly into a radio and still be heard clearly.

Call Forward
Allows calls to be forwarded to another radio user if you are unable to answer your calls personally.

User Information
A 14-character alpha-numeric display contains a battery gauge and signal quality indicator and provides separate distinctive tones plus name decode for many incoming calls.

Ease of Use
Simple menus and an alpha-numeric contact list make the full power of GP380 simple and intuitive to use.

Status Calls
Pre-defined text messages which allow the user to send meaningful messages without talking.


Blue ATEX radios can be operated in potentially explosive atmospheres without mandatory need of a carry case.

  • Higher Gas protection class: II 2G Ex ib IIC T4

  • Unique Dust protection class: II 2D Ex tD A21 IP6x ib D21 T110°C

  • Unique Mining protection class: I M2 Ex ib I

  • Certification number: BVS 07 ATEX E 095 X
  • 1 x 14 Display
  • 6-key Menu Keypad
  • 12-key Numeric Keypad
  • Continuous Rotary Switch
  • Emergency Button
  • 3 Side Buttons
  • Fixed Channel Spacing
  • Select 5 (5 Tone) Signalling
  • Channel Scan
  • Whisper
  • Loneworker
  • Emergency Signalling
  • Talkaround
  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • X-Pand Voice Compression and Low Level Expansion
  • ATEX Option Board Expandability


Technical Data:
The following frequencies are potentially self-quieting and should be avoided:
VHF: 151.200, 168.00 MHz
UHF: 419.995, 420.000 MHz

GP380 Ex ATEX Professional Portable Radio (Blue)

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