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Kenwood TK-3301 UHF PMR446 Handportable Transceiver

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Rugged reliability with exceptional performance

Enhanced audio

Clear, crisp audio means confident communications, but power output is not the only factor that determines how easy it is to use a radio in varying noisy environments. As an experienced audio specialist, Kenwood can draw on decades of expertise at every step: component selection, construction, optimization, evaluation and analysis. The resulting audio performance, specially engineered for transceivers, is undeniably clearer and crisper. Just listen to the difference.

16 channels

The TK-3301 offers ample capacity for multiple channels or radio systems.


Built-in voice-inversion scrambler

The voice-inversion scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping.


VOX ready

The TK-3301 offers the convenience of hands-free operation using any supported headset. The internal VOX ( voice-operated transmission ) circuitry provides automatic PTT with a 10-level sensitivity adjustment for different ambient noise levels.



As it’s possible to pick frequency and QT/DQT channel settings, the ProTalk® Series can operate on the same channels with the same coded squelch tones as other business radio brands. So purchasing the TK-3301 will not impact on any previous investments in radio equipment.


Voice annunciation

The rotary and key controls have been designed to provide voice-announcement – handy when the radio is carried out of sight, as in a pocket. A voice announces the radio status or

mode whenever you operate the TK-3301. English is the default language, but you can switch to French, Spanish, German, Italian or Dutch.


Independent setting per channel

The VOX, scrambler and compander functions can be dealer-programmed separately for each channel. This means, for example, that you can easily switch a function on or off by selecting another channel programmed for the same frequency.

QT/DQT encoder/decoder

The radio's encoder/decoder function uses QT/DQT to segregate talk groups so you only hear calls from your own group. You can pick any of 38 stored settings – 26 QT tones and 12 DQT codes (plus Off) – which are compatible with the TK-3201.

Talk range of 6.4km (4 miles)

The TK-3301 delivers 0.5 watts of power, enabling direct radio-to-radio communication on the same frequency (simplex) for up to 6.4km.


Self programming

You can select channel frequencies, QT/DQT tones and key assignments using table lists. In channel setup mode, each channel can be reprogrammed with different frequencies and

QT/DQT settings; in key assignment mode, the PF1 and PF2 keys can be reprogrammed for different functions; and in channel confirmation mode, settings can be confirmed by voice.

 All in one package

The TK-3301 is ready to use immediately after purchase. It comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charger. A handy belt-clip is also provided, so there’s no need to buy extra accessories for basic operation.

Supplied accessories

2,000mA Li-Ion battery (KNB-45L)

Rapid charger (KSC-35)

Belt clip (KBH-10)

User manual


Other features

Programmable keys

Key lock

Battery saver

10-calling alert


Password protection

Wireless clone (dealer use)

Talk around

3-colour LED (red orange, green)


ESN (Electronic Serial Number)

Microsoft Windows® PC programming & tuning

TK-3301 UHF PMR446 Handportable Transceiver

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